The Giving Tree (Chinese Edition)

One of the classic picture books of the world, The Giving Tree has been a model of picture books since its publication 30 years ago. It has enjoyed lasting popularity and has enchanted millions of readers with a sales volume over six million copies. It tells a touching and somewhat sorrowful story of an apple tree which satisfies all the needs of an insatiable child. The title of the book means sacrifice and devotion, but it is also a book of friendship. The tree never felt down with the boys incessant needs. Even in his misery and loneliness with a dilapidated body, it still happily sheltered the boy who asked for a quite place to rest. Such happiness soothed its soul ever more than the sweet ME + T carved into its trunk when the boy was little. The author Shel Silverstein, with simple and clear lines and poetic and humorous words, created a parable which inspires readers of all ages between give and take, and love and the loved.

Book Details

Book Title: The Giving Tree (Chinese Edition)

Book Author: xie erxi dong fu si tan

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ISBN: 7544237494